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International Marketing - SoSe 2015


Monday, 10.15 - 11.45

AR-D 5102 (Blauer Hörsaal)

Lecturer Steinmann, Sascha, Dr.Schramm-Klein, Hanna, Univ.-Prof.in Dr.

Exercise None

Further information about the lecture (especially creditability) can be seen in LSF.


The modul element International Marketing is held in English, starting in the summer term 2015. This and further information about the modul and the single events can be found in the examination regulations as well as in the modul descriptions. As you can see in §2.2 of the examination regulations the courses are generally held in German or English language. The examination of the relevant course must generally be done in the same language as the course itself

For the final examination all contents of the lecture and the related events (exercises, guest lectures) and the indicated literature hints are relevant.

Lecture documents:

For the lecture the script and the indicated literature hints are relevant.