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Research Seminar Economics Winter Term 2014/15

Seminar time is wednesday at 16.30 hours in room H-C 7325.

Everybody is welcome.


Colin Vance
Jacobs-Universität Bremen und RWI Essen

  Is the German gas station market competitive?
26.11.2014   Ulrike Neyer
Heinrich-Heine-Universität Düsseldorf
  Frictions in the Interbank Market and Uncertain Liquidity Needs: Implications for Monetary Policy Implementation

Sebastian Siegloch
Universität Mannheim

  Sufficient Statistic or Not? The Elasticity of Taxable Income in the Presence of Deduction Possibilities

Kerstin Röder
LMU München

  The Political Sustainability of a Basic Income Scheme and Social Health Insurance

Tim Schwarzmüller
Kiel Institute for the World Economy

  The scoreboard of the European Commission: Is it useful and how is it used?

Max Groneck
Universität zu Köln

  A Life-Cycle Model with Ambiguous Survival Beliefs

Winfried Königer
Universität St. Gallen

  Human Capital and Optimal Redistribution
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