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Research Seminar Economics Winter Term 2007/08

Seminar time is wednesday at 16.30 hours in room H-C 3309.

Everybody is welcome.

24. October 2007
  Peter-J. Jost
WHU, Otto Beisheim School of Management
  An economic theory of leadership
31. October 2007   Laszlo Goerke
Universität Tübingen
  Risk-aversion and trade union membership
14. November 2007   Oliver Holtemöller RWTH Aachen   Identifying sources of business cycle fluctuations in germany 1975-1998
21. November 2007
  Philipp Harms       RWTH Aachen   How does private borrowing affect the risk of sovereign default in developing countries?
12. December 2007   Blandine Zimmer Université Louis Pasteur, Strasbourg   Monetary union enlargement, fiscal policy and strategic wage setting
30. January 2008

Carsten Hefeker Universität Siegen

Policy uncertainty and economic reforms in a monetary union

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