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Welcome to the Homepage of the Bachelor of Science in Economics at the University of Siegen

The Bachelor of Science in Economics in Siegen (BECS) is an undergraduate academic curriculum that leads to a bachelor's degree, which provides you with the professional qualification you need to pursue a number of promising career opportunities.

Studying undergraduate economics at the University of Siegen supplies you with the tools and knowledge required to analyse and address monetary, structural, and sectoral problems of the european economy, including issues especially related to national and international monetary policy, public finance, competition policy, and regional economic policy within the European Union. You will also obtain a solid foundation in european economic and social history and be able to profit from synergy effects generated with other fields of study at the university's department of economics - such as business administration, economic law, and business information systems - as well as with additional academic disciplines - such as sociology, political science, or applied foreign languages.

Because the bachelor's program in economics is focused systematically on Europe with a main emphasis on imparting economic knowledge and skills used for practical application, excellent job prospects are opened up to you. In many areas of the private sector, in public services, and in private and public associations the expertise you acquire at the Univesity of Siegen qualifies you for occupations in which economic, pragmatic, and scientific know-how is needed in combination with firm insights into the economic institutions, problems, and public policy measures of the European Union.

The program's handbook and the program's regulation code are downloadable from the homepage of the examinations office.

Further information on the Bachelor of Science in Economics can be found here.
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