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Research Seminar Economics Winter Term 2009/10

Seminar time is wednesday at 16.30 hours in room H-C 7325.

Everybody is welcome.

18. November 2009
  Rüdiger Pethig
Universität Siegen
  Carbon leakage, the green paradox and perfect future markets
02. December 2009
  Wolfgang Buchholz
Universität Regensburg
  Refunding and efficiency in global emission trading
09. December 2009
  Carsten Helm Technische Universität Darmstadt
  International environmental agreements: Incentive contracts with multilateral externalities
13. January 2010
  Nadine Riedel       University of Oxford   Corporate profit shifting from developing countries
20. January 2010
  Volker Grossmann Universität Freiburg (Schweiz)
  Brain Drain, Fiscal Competition, and Public Education Expenditure
27. January 2010
  Torben Hendricks Universität Duisbur-Essen   Monetary policy and commodity prices
03. February 2010
  Mike Mariathasan    EUI, Florenz
  Subjective beliefs in monetary policy committees


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