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Research Seminar Economics Summer Term 2016

Seminar time is wednesday at 16.30 hours in room US-A 234.

Everybody is welcome.


Benny Geys
BI Norwegian Business School Oslo and Vrije Universiteit Brussel

  Strategic Housing Policy, Migration and Sorting around Population Thresholds
25.05.2016   Sebastian Kessing
Universität Siegen
  Optimal Taxation under Regional Inequality

Laura Birg
Universität Göttingen

  Cross-border or Online –Tax Competition with Mobile Consumers under Destination and Origin Principle

David Agrawal
University of Kentucky

  Relocation of the Rich: Migration in Response to Top Tax Rate Changes from Spanish Reforms

Christoph Moser
Universität Salzburg

  Hidden Protectionism? Evidence from Non-tariff Barriers to Trade in the United States

Rolf Weder
Universität Salzburg

  Shark Hunting: International Trade and the Imminent Extinction of Heterogeneous Species
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