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Volkswirtschaftliche Diskussionsbeiträge

Die Volkswirtschaftlichen Diskussionsbeiträge stehen hier ab dem Jahr 2000 direkt zum Download bereit. Die vollständige Liste mit allen bisher erschienenen Diskussionsbeiträgen finden Sie im RePEc-Archiv unter dem nachstehenden Link:


Die Aufsätze in der Reihe der gemeinsamen Diskussionsbeiträge im Rahmen des universitätsübergreifenden Doktorandenprogramms MAGKS der Universitäten Marburg, Aachen, Gießen, Göttingen, Kassel und Siegen können Sie über den nachstehenden Link erreichen und kostenlos herunterladen:


Ab dem Beitrag 129-09 wurde die Reihe "Volkswirtschaftliche Diskussionsbeiträge" auf eine reine Internetpublikation umgestellt. Die neue ISSN lautet seither 1869-2011.

184-18 Désirée I. Christofzik und Sebastian G. Kessing

Does Fiscal Oversight Matter?

183-18 Walter Buhr

Institutional Economics: A Sketch of Economic Growth Policy

182-17 Thomas K. Bauer, Tanja Kasten und Lars-H. R. Siemers

Business Taxation and Wages: Redistribution and Asymmetric Effects

181-17 Carsten Hefeker und Michael Neugart

Non-cooperative and Cooperative Policy Reforms under Uncertainty and Spillovers

180-16 Heinz Gebhardt und Lars-H. R. Siemers

Die relative Steuerbelastung mittelständischer Kapitalgesellschaften: Evidenz von handelsbilanziellen Mikrodaten

179-16 Sebastian G. Kessing und Chiara Strozzi

The Regional Distribution of Public Employment: Theory and Evidence

178-15 Thomas Eichner und Rüdiger Pethig

Buy coal for preservation and act strategically on the fuel market

177-15 Thomas Eichner und Rüdiger Pethig

Buy coal to mitigate climate damage and benefit from strategic deposit action

176-15 Thomas Eichner und Rüdiger Pethig

Self-enforcing environmental agreements and trade in fossil energy deposits

175-15 Gilbert Kollenbach

On the optimal accumulation of renewable energy generating capacity

174-15 Thomas Eichner und Rüdiger Pethig

Economic Approaches to Ecosystem Analysis

173-15 Thomas Eichner

Subsistence level and theory of the welfare state

172-14 Gilbert Kollenbach

Unilateral Climate Poliy, the Green Paradox, Coalition Size and Stability

171-14 Thomas Eichner and Rüdiger Pethig

Forging a global environmental agreement through trade sanctions on free riders?

170-14 Thomas Eichner and Rüdiger Pethig

Global environmental agreements and international trade: Asymmetry of countries matters

169-14 Gilbert Kollenbach

Endogenous growth with a limited fossil fuel extrationapaity

168-14 Sebastian G. Kessing and Benny Schneider

Regional Investment and Individual Redistribution in a Federation

167-14 Lars-H. R. Siemers

A General Microsimulation Model for the EU VAT with a specic Application to Germany

166-14 Thomas Eichner and Rüdiger Pethig

Stable and sustainable global tax coordination with Leviathan governments

165-14 Thomas Eichner and Rüdiger Pethig

Self-enforcing international environmental agreements and trade: taxes versus caps

164-14 Gilbert Kollenbach

Unilateral climate policies and green paradoxes: Extraction costs matter

163-14 Gilbert Kollenbach

Research or Carbon Capture and Storage – how to limit climate change ?

162-13 Thomas Eichner und Rüdiger Pethig

Self-enforcing environmental agreements and capital mobility

161-13 Thomas Eichner und Rüdiger Pethig

Trade tariffs and self-enforcing environmental agreements

160-13 Thomas Eichner und Rüdiger Pethig

Self-enforcing capital tax coordination

159-13 Carsten Hefeker and Michael Neugart

Policy Deviations, Uncertainty, and the European Court of Justice

158-12 Sebastian G. Kessing and Bernhard Koldert

Cross-Border Shopping and the Atkinson-Stiglitz Theorem

157-12 Moritz Bonn

Migrants` Acquisition of Cultural Skills and Selective Immigration Policies

156-12 Thomas Eichner and Rüdiger Pethig

Self-enforcing environmental agreements and international trade

155-12 Thomas Eichner and Rüdiger Pethig

Stable climate coalitions (Nash) and international trade

154-12 Moritz Bonn

Costs and Benefits of Immigration and Multicultural Interaction

153-12 Thomas K. Bauer, Tanja Kasten and Lars-H. R. Siemers

Business taxation and wages: evidence from individual panel data

152-11 Thomas Eichner and Rüdiger Pethig

Unilateral reduction of medium-term carbon emissions via taxing emissions and consumption

151-11 Thomas Eichner and Rüdiger Pethig

Flattening the carbon extraction path in unilateral costeffective action

150-11 Rüdiger Pethig

Competitive trilateral lobbying for and against subsidizing green energy

149-11 Thomas Eichner and Rüdiger Pethig

Incidence of unilateral consumption taxes on world carbon emissions

148-11 Katherina Popkova

Can the exchange rate regime influence corruption?

147-11 Moritz Bonn

High Skilled Immigration Policy and Union Wage Setting

146-11 Artur Grigoryan

Incentives and the delegation of decision making power in sovereign wealth funds

145-10 Gerhard Brinkmann

Die konsekutiven Studiengänge: Unheil oder Chance für die Betriebswirtschaftslehre?

144-10 Nadine Stahlkopf

Deutsche Direktinvestitionen in der Ukraine seit 1990: Entwicklung, wirtschaftliche und wirtschaftspolitische Determinanten

143-10 Thomas Eichner and Rüdiger Pethig

The carbon-budget approach to climate stabilization: Cost-effective subglobal versus global action

142-10 Thomas Eichner and Rüdiger Pethig

International carbon emissions trading and strategic incentives to subsidize green energy

141-10 Matthias Busse, Carsten Hefeker and Signe Nelgen

Foreign direct investment and exchange rate regimes

140-10 Carsten Hefeker and Blandine Zimmer

Central bank independence and conservatism under uncertainty: Substitutes or complements?

139-09 Gerhard Brinkmann

Die Zukunft der deutschen Sozialversicherung

138-09 Thomas Eichner and Rüdiger Pethig

Efficient management of insecure fossil fuel imports through taxing (!) domestic green energy?

137-09 Rüdiger Pethig and Frieder Kolleß

Asymmetric capital-tax competition, unemployment and losses from capital market integration


136-09 Thomas Eichner and Rüdiger Pethig

Carbon leakage, the green paradox and perfect future markets


135-09 Thomas Eichner and Rüdiger Pethig

Taxing and trading carbon emissions in the EU: Distributional comparisons of mixed policies


134-09 Thomas Eichner and Rüdiger Pethig

EU-type carbon emissions trade and the distributional impact of overlapping emissions taxes

133-09 Rüdiger Pethig

CO2 mitigation in road transport: Gasoline taxation and/or fuel-efficiency regulation?

132-09 Walter Buhr

Infrastructure of the Market Economy

131-09 Rüdiger Pethig and Christian Wittlich

Interaction of carbon reducion and green energy promotion in a small fossil-fuel importing economy

130-09 Sebastian G. Kessing

Federalism and Accountability with Distorted Election Choices

129-09 Christian Groth, Karl-Josef Koch and Thomas M. Steger

When economic growth is less than exponential

128-07 Thomas Eichner und Rüdiger Pethig

Pricing the ecosystem and taxing ecosystem services: a general equilibrium approach

127-07 Thomas Eichner und Rüdiger Pethig

Harvesting in an integrated general equilibrium model

126-06 Barbara Pfeffer

Trade Policy and Risk Diversification

125-06 Jens Siebel

Making a budget deficit attractive. The effect of endogenous voting

124-05 Karl-Josef Koch

Initial Imbalance and Long Run Inequality: Numerical Evaluation of the Lucas Model

123-05 Thomas Christiaans, Thomas Eichner und Rüdiger Pethig

Optimal micro-level 'consumer approach' to species population dynamics


122-05 Thomas Christiaans, Thomas Eichner und Rüdiger Pethig

Optimal pest control in agriculture

121-05 Timo Trimborn, Karl-Josef Koch und Thomas M. Steger

Multi-Dimensional Transitional Dynamics: A Simple Numerical Procedure

120-05 Jens Siebel

Budget deficit, size of the public sector and majority voting

119-05 Sao-Wen Cheng

Cultural Goods Production, Cultural Capital Formation and the Provision of Cultural Services

118-04 Thomas Christiaans

Population Dynamics in a Microfounded Predator-Prey Model

117-04 Thomas Eichner und Rüdiger Pethig

An analytical foundation of the ratio-dependent predator-prey model

116-04 Thomas Eichner und Rüdiger Pethig

Economic land use, ecosystem services and microfounded species dynamics

115-04 Thomas Eichner und Rüdiger Pethig

Efficient nonanthropocentric nature protection

114-04 Michael Gail

Sticky Wages in a Stochastic DGE Model of the Business Cycle

113-03 Thomas Christiaans

Non-Scale Growth, Endogenous Comparative Advantages, and Industrialization

112-03 Thomas Christiaans

Aging in a Neoclassical Theory of Labor Demand

111-03 Michael Gail

Habit Persistence in Consumption in a Sticky Price Model of the Business Cycle

110-03 Thomas Eichner und Rüdiger Pethig

A Microfoundation of Predator-Prey Dynamics

109-03 Thomas Eichner und Rüdiger Pethig

The impact of scarcity and abundance in food chains on species population dynamics

108-03 Thomas Eichner

Imperfect Competition in the Recycling Industry

107-03 Walter Buhr

What is infrastructure?

106-03 Rüdiger Pethig and Andreas Wagener

Profit Tax Competition and Formula Apportionment

105-03 Rüdiger Pethig

The 'materials balance approach' to pollution: its origin, implications and acceptance

104-02 Hagen Bobzin

Fundamentals of Production Theory in International Trade. A Modern Approach Based on Theory of Duality

103-02 Michael Gail

Persistency and Money Demand in a Stochastic DGE Model with Sticky Prices and Capital

102-02 Rüdiger Pethig

How to Internalize Pollution Externalities Through 'Excess Burdening' Taxes

101-02 Karl-Josef Koch

Beyond Balanced Growth: On the Analysis of Growth Trajectories

100-01 Rüdiger Pethig

Massenmedien, Werbung und Märkte. Eine wirtschaftstheoretische Analyse

99-01 Thomas Eichner and Andreas Wagener

More on Parametric Characterizations of Risk Aversion and Prudence

98-01 Hagen Bobzin

Das duale Programm der Erlösmaximierung in der Außenhandelstheorie

97-01 Rüdiger Pethig

Agriculture, Pesticides and the Ecosystem

96-01 Michael Gail

Persistency and Money Demand Distortions in a Stochastic DGE Model with Sticky Prices

95-01 Thomas Christiaans

Economic Growth, a Golden Rule of Thumb, and Learning by Doing

94-01 Thomas Christiaans

Economic Growth, the Mathematical Pendulum, and a Golden Rule of Thumb

93-01 Jürgen Ehlgen

Geldpolitische Strategien - Die Deutsche Bundesbank und die Europäische Zentralbank im Vergleich

92-00 Sao-Wen Cheng und Andreas Wagener

Altruism and Donations

91-00 Hagen Bobzin

Computing Simulation of Reallocating Resources among Growing Regions

90-00 Walter Buhr

A Macroeconomic Growth Model of Competing Regions

89-00 Walter Buhr und Thomas Christiaans

Economic Decisions by Approved Principles: Rules of Thumb as Behavioral Guidelines

88-00 Thomas Eichner und Marco Runkel

Efficient and Sustainable Management of Product Durability and Recyclability

87-00 Michael Gail

Optimal Monetary Policy in an Optimizing Stochastic Dynamic Model with Sticky Prices

86-00 Rüdiger Pethig und Sao-Wen Cheng

Cultural Goods Consumption and Cultural Capital

85-00 Thomas Eichner und Rüdiger Pethig

Gebührenstrategien in einem disaggregierten Modell der Abfallwirtschaft

84-00 Thomas Eichner und Rüdiger Pethig

Das Gebührenkonzept der DSD auf dem ökonomischen Prüfstand