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Paper Presentation at the Academy of Management Conference 2023, Boston

Julian Ruf participated in the Academy of Management Conference (AOM), in Boston, USA.

The team from the Chair of Service Development in SMEs and Crafts had the opportunity to present their research titled, "Measuring Family Influence from a Non-Family Employee Perspective: Development and Validation of the Perceived Family Influence Scale (PFIS)" at the recent Academy of Management conference in Boston.

This digital presentation was facilitated by Sven Wolff, Philipp Köhn, Philipp J. Ruf, Petra Moog, and Giuseppe Strina.

We're appreciative of the constructive feedback received, indicating the relevance and applicability of our research within the academic community. The conference, as always, provided a valuable platform for scholarly exchange and discussion.

Thank you to the Academy of Management for hosting and to our fellow researchers for their contributions.

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