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The aim of our research efforts is to figure out, which theoretical and practical concepts are applicable to foster service innovations and to improve service quality, which consequently increase competitiveness and resilience in small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) and crafts. In this context, the following two research fields are of particular interest: 

1. Research area: Creating and Managing a Service Culture 

  • Identification and development of service-orientated, digital business models that create competitive advantages and growth in SMEs and crafts
  • Creation of a learning organization by using knowledge and experience of customers and employees (e.g. smart feedback)
  • Transformation of manufacturing firms into service-orientated and problem-solving organizations with hybrid service portfolios (especially valid for technology affine firms) 

2. Research area: Enhancing Service Design
  • Development and testing of collaborative service designs. Concepts and methods for a systematical integration of clients and suppliers in the designing process of new services (co-design) 
  • Concepts for a consistent service system engineering, e.g. by integrating design thinking into service delivery processes (design2service concepts) 
  • Development of concepts, methods and enrichment of current instruments for capturing usefulness and productivity of services as complete communication of values (internal and external)
Our current research projects are dealing with aspects of mentioned topics and questions considering digitalization, digital transformation and the development of digital and data driven business models in SMEs and crafts. 


Hinweise zum Einsatz der Google Suche