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Kompetenzzentrum Smart Services Baden-Württemberg


Kompetenzzentrum Smart Services Baden-Württemberg


M.Sc. Christophe Said

M.Sc. Beatrice Ernst  

M.Sc. Katharina Fiebig 

M.Sc. Matthias Vogel   


Ministry of Economics, Labor and Tourism Baden-Württemberg


01.2022 - 31.12.2024








Project Description 

The Smart Services Competence Center pursues the objective of supporting small and medium-sized service providers on their way to a digital future. It also networks stakeholders from politics, business, science and intermediary organizations in order to thus initiate thought and idea processes for the future orientation of the service industry in Baden-Württemberg and to initiate necessary measures. 

Since its establishment in January 2019, the Smart Services Competence Center has been offering Baden-Württemberg companies support in the following areas in particular: 

- New digital business models for services, 

- Development of smart services, 

- Use of service platforms, 

- Digital change management. 

At the Stuttgart and Furtwangen sites, the competence center is equipped with two so-called "experience rooms". These contain demonstrators of smart services that are either provided by Baden-Württemberg companies or are the results of public research and development projects. This gives small and medium-sized enterprises the opportunity not only to find out about new digital technologies in the service sector, but also to experience and try them out for themselves. Another focus of the competence center is the development and implementation of measures for a digital service economy in Baden-Württemberg. Here, new, interactive formats are used with the close involvement of relevant stakeholders and recommendations for politics and business are formulated. 

In addition, the Smart Services Competence Center will continue the successful formats of the "Transfer Initiative for Service Innovation and Digitization" previously funded by the Baden-Württemberg Ministry of Economics, Labor and Tourism and integrate the Chair of General Business Administration, in particular Service Development in SMEs and Crafts at the University of Siegen, which is active there, into the Competence Center as an additional project partner.

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