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Sensing and Sensibiliy


Sensing and Sensibility 


M.Sc. Julian Ruf 

M.Sc. Daria Huge sive Huwe   




01.2021 - 31.12.2023




Logo Sensing and Sensibiliy

Project Description 

As digital transformation continues, everyday technologies will fundamentally change: they will become proactive, autonomous and more and more opaque for humans. Taking production management as an example, this research project will examine how a cooperation between humans and algorithmic agents can and ought to be designed. Potential designs will be examined with regard to three potentially competing objectives: performance, satisfaction and accountability. In general, we will create examples of different types of human-algorithm-cooperation and explore their impact on the efficiency and effectiveness of the result, the work satisfaction and wellbeing of the humans involved and societal and regulatory implications. While production management serves as an example, the project will address broader issues of how to design human-algorithm-cooperation between the priorities of industry, workers, and society at large.

Therefore, multiple workshops with the main goal to connect a variety of faculties, chairs and disciplines, will be planned and executed. So far, 5 Workshops have been held:

Four fruitful panels already took place in 2020 and 2021. Panel #1 made the concept of ‘performance’ from a transdisciplinary perspective a subject of discussion by determining various understandings of performance in different disciplines. Panel #2 focused on the question how the collaboration between human and technology should be designed to maintain or increase human satisfaction. Panel #3 focused on the way and methods to make sensor technologies interpretable and explainable. The topic of Panel #4 was the anticipation of future sensor technologies and autonomous systems as well as the futures anticipated by sensor media. These panels were used as a basis for Panel #5 which was executed as an interactive workshop. 

Panel #5 took place in March 2022 and was moderated by Prof. Dr. Giuseppe Strina from the Chair of Service Development in SMEs and Crafts. The event was planned and executed by the team of Giuseppe Strina. The main goal of the event was to go deeper into the linking between the different objectives and to further determine possible research collaborations within the University of Siegen.

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