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Universität Siegen

Lehrstuhl für Betriebswirtschaftslehre insb. Technologiemanagement

Prof. Dr. Ulf Lorenz

Unteres Schloß 3
Universität Siegen
57072 Siegen

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Activities, Awards, Fellowships

2007: Participation at the Junior Professional Management program, Zentrum für Wissenschaftsmanagement e.V.

2007: Research Fellowship “Algorithm Design in Combinatorial Optimization”, TU Berlin

2005: Intel ACC Grant, together with Prof. Platzner and Dr. Simon

2005: Xilinx Donation for algorithmic advances on FPGA

2005: Chess program Hydra wins the with 150.000 USD endowed man-machine competition against Super-Grandmaster Michael Adams.

2004, October: BilbaoSpain. Chess program Hydra becomes team world champion in the Man-vs.-Machine Computer Chess World Team Championship.

2004, August: Abu Dhabi – Unites Arabian Emirates. Chess program Hydra beats Shredder clearly in an 8-game match. Since then, Hydra is often denoted to be the strongest chess program of the world. The event resulted in a lot of public interest, e.g. in the Infinity-channel of the UAE television, articles about Hydra in c’t, Chip and related press.

2001: Chess program P.ConNerS is the first chess program that can win an International FIDE-Grandmaster chess tournament. The event caused a lot of public interest in ICCA-Journal, BILD and other newspapers.

2001: Award for best PhD thesis in computer science at the Paderborn University

1999: Technical coordinator of the 9th ICCA Computer Chess World Championship

From 1994 to 2004: Organizer of the yearly International Paderborn Computer Chess Championship (IPCCC) with the aim to support the German computer chess community.