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University of SIegen SimPLEX Education Software

USIPLEX was developed at the department of Management Information Science to help students understanding the Simplex algorithm including the primal and dual Simplex algorithm, the Big M method and aspects of duality.

Ensuring an optimal learning success, USIPLEX provides different modes to encourage the user to learn in an active way. First of all, each algorithm is explained using generated or own exercises from the user at which detailed information can be shown (for the more interested students). USIPLEX wants to cover both experts and beginners therefore the explanations can be chosen as simple and intuitive or in a mathematical way. It is also possible to prohibit or allow special cases during the algorithms which guarantees the adaptability to the needs of the user. After understanding an algorithm, the software can test the skills of the user in the practice mode. Here it is up to the students to type in the correct solutions, the system only checks and criticizes if the entries are wrong.

A problem (containing two structure variables) can be displayed as a graphic to show the backgrounds of the algorithms and maybe how to solve a problem graphically.

USIPLEX insists mathematical precision. To ensure this, fractions are implemented and (if desired) displayed. This arranges for the ability to provide all rational numbers.


You don't need to install USIPLEX. Download and extract the ZIP file and start USIPLEX by double-clicking on "USIPLEX.jar".