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European Competition Policy


Important Information: 


Current information are provided on Unisono and on Moodle (check semester specific courses).



Please make sure that you register on Moodle for material and recent updates. 

Slides and problem sets are available via Moodle if you are registered for the course.






1.Organization issues
2.What is Economics about?
3.Microfoundations (consumers)
4.Microfoundations (firms)
5.Perfect Competition and Monopoly
6.Monopsony, Oligopoly, Monopolistic Competition, Oligopsony and public policies in theory
7.Market Power in Indonesia
8.Competition Policy, History, Objectives, Laws
9.Competition  Policy in EU
10.Collusion and horizontal agreements
11.Horizontal mergers
12.Vertical restraints and vertical mergers
13.Predations, monopolisation, and other abusive practices 


Lecture Slides

Course materials will be provided via Moodle.




Micro neoclassic:

1.Varian (2014): Intermediate Economics, 9th Edition. (“Varian”)

2.Samuelson and Nordhaus (2010): Economics, 19th Edition. (“S+N”)


3.Hill and Myatt (2010): The Economics Anti-Textbook. A critical thinker’s guide to Microeconomics. (“H+M”)

4.Keen (2011): Debunking Economics - Revised and Expanded Edition. The Naked Emperor Dethroned? (“Keen”)

5.Howards et. al. (2015): Economics. An Introduction to Traditional and Progressive Views. 7th edition. (“Howards”)

Market Power in practice:

6.Kopp and Sexton. „Farmers, Traders, and Processors: Buyer Market Power and Double Marginalization in Indonesia“. 7.American Journal of Agricultural Economics (forthcoming)

Competition Policy

8.Motta (2004): Competition Policy: Theory and Practice. (“Motta”)

There will be reading material available for each session.

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