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Information for Students


General information


  • If students encounter problems with registration on Unisono, please contact Mrs. Wagner (with cc to the respective lecturer) to ask for manual registration.
  • Students who want to take graduate courses already during their undergraduate studies (“Vorstudieren”) are required to have obtained at least 150 ECTS points. If this requirement is fulfilled, please inform Mrs. Wagner via email (with cc to the respective lecturer), including the documentation of the fulfilled requirement (current balance of achieved ECTS points). In these cases, the passing of exams is confirmed via email by the lecturer. Students can hand in these confirmation emails to the examination office upon taking up the graduate studies.

Exams in courses “Microeconomics II” and “European Competition Policy”

  • Students can choose between two exams (usually taking place on the same day):
    • "Study achievement" ("Studienleistung", SL): 3 ECTS points
    • "Examination achievement ("Prüfungsleistung", PL): 6 ECTS points.
  • The exams are administered via the examination platform QExam.
  • Explanations on QExam can be found here: https://digitale-lehre.uni-siegen.de/node/16.
  • Students who are registered for the exam on Unisono will be registered on QExam automatically.
  • Information for students who cannot register in Unisono because they have no account (for example, exchange students):
    • Register for the exams that are administered via QExam is done via email to the lecturer, including klausur@zoebis.de in cc.
    • De-registration is done via email as well.
    • The same deadlines apply as for regular registration via Unisono.
    • Confirmation of successful exams is sent via email.

Courses offered in winter terms

Lecture "European Competition Policy"

Seminar "Case Studies on Growth Theories"


Courses offered in summer terms

Lecture "Mikroökonomik II"

Seminar "Case Studies on Growth Theories"

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