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Course "European Competition Policy"

Winter semester 20/21           

  •  Semester start postponed until 28.10.2020
  • Online teaching at least until further notice
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  • For general information please consult the University homepage  



The group offers the following topics for masters' thesis:

  • Market power by intermediaries in palm oil value chain in Indonesia. Primary data available (raw!), similar approach as executed for rubber in Kopp and Brümmer (2017).
  • Environmental efficiency of Indonesian smallholders (primary data probably available)
  • Relation between level of asymmetry in price transmission and price levels in the rubber value chain in Indonesia. Secondary data available (clean), similar approach as in Kopp et al. (2017), extended by control for price levels
  • The effect of US-led trade wars on climate gas emissions
  • The effect  of the SARS-COV-2 pandemic on climate gas emissions
  • The effect of the SARS-COV-2 pandemic on the productivity of workers in the home office
  • The relation between market power on markets for digital services and advertisement costs
Other topics from the field of research of the group are welcome.


  • Kopp, Thomas, and Bernhard, Brümmer, Zulkifli  Alamsyah, and Raja Sharah Fatricia (2017). “Welfare implications of  intertemporal marketing margin manipulation”. British Food Journal 119.8, pp. 1656–1671.
  • Kopp, Thomas, and Bernhard, Brümmer (2017). "Traders' market power alonh Indonesian rubber value chains". China Agricultural Economic Review 9.2, pp. 169-187.

During the writing of your thesis the following links may be helpful


In case of interest please contact Prof. Kopp.