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Offered Subjects for Masterthesis

Subject: Accouting & Reporting


Relationship between Earnings Management and Green Washing


Accounting for Heritage Assets


The Evolution of Human Rights Related Disclosure in DAX Non-Financial Institutions


The Relationship between Financial Accounting and Labor Rights Abuses: A Systematic Review


Accounting for Goodwill and Earnings Management in European companies - Is there a relationship?


The impact of accounting in identifying social and environmental grand challenges


Influence of Board Characteristics on Greenwashing

Subject: Corporate Governance


Pyramidal structures of German listed Firms 


Risk Governance and Supply Chain Management


Liquidity Management and Management Control


Predictive Analytics and Corporate Governance


Quality of ESG Metrics


Decorbonisation Strategy and Firm Performance


BoD Responsibilities and Liability under Duty of Care Regulation: A Comparative Analysis


Enhancing Budgeting and Forecasting Accuracy in Management Accounting through Data Analytics


Enhancing Efficiency: Management Control Systems within an Agency Culture 


Preventing Human Rights abuses: Corporate approaches to face salient Human Rights issues 


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