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Offered Subjects for Masterthesis

Subject: Accouting & Reporting


Relationship between Earnings Management and Green Washing


Accounting for Heritage Assets


Non-Financial disclosure


Earnings Management and CSR Performance - Is there a relationship?


CSR information in company reports and social media - Do they align? 

The Role of Accounting in Society: Critical Theorizing in Accounting Research


Relevance of Non-Financial Disclosure in Procurement Decision Making



Subject: Corporate Governance


Pyramidal structures of German listed Firms 


Risk Governance and Supply Chain Management


Liquidity Management and Management Control


Predictive Analytics and Corporate Governance


Quality of ESG Metrics


Decorbonisation Strategy and Firm Performance



Subject: Corporate Social Responsibility


How important is the board for CSR? Influence of board characteristics on CSR Performance


Impact of the Top Management Team on CSR Performance - A systematic review


Environment only? The interpretation of sustainability by DAX 40 corporations


A Critical Assessment of Financial Metrics as Base for Shared and Network Responsibility


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