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Our team is engaged in the research focus on accounting, reporting, audit and corporate governance of listed companies and medium-sized family companies. The questions relating to the above research areas are as follows:


  • What are the effects to proceed with the internationalzation of accounting for medium-sized family accompanies? (Regulation of Accounting)
  • What are the impacts of minority interests (such as private equity) at an accounting firm? (Earnings management and accounting policy)


  • In what ways do curruption and fraud in a company can effectively be detected and prevented? (Compliance Management, Forensic Auditing & Fraud Auditing)
  • What are the sustainable remediation concepts included and what are the risks that will arise to an auditor as part of the renovation? (especially in a situation of Insolvency)

Corporate Governance

  • How the systems work for corporate management and how can they be improved? (Risk Management, Internal Audit & Valuation)
  • What should be considered in the designing of governance mechanisms in medium-sized family company? (Family Business Governance)
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