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Gert Gilson

Gert Gilson 

Gert Gilson





Mr. Gilson has been a doctoral student at the chair of Business Administration in particular Accounting and Corporate Governance at the University of Siegen since June 2017.  He holds a Bachelor of Arts in Finance, Auditing, Controlling and Taxation (FACT at the Friedrich-Alexander-University of Erlangen-Nürnberg) and a Master of Science in Accounting, Auditing and Taxation (AAT at the University of Siegen). Mr. Gilson worked as a tutor for both universities and acquired experience within the Accounting & Controlling section of the Siemens AG, as well as an occupation in the World Tax Service (WTS) consulting group. His final assignment was dedicated to the effects of digitization on business Controlling. In addition to his research project Mr. Gilson is working as a consultant for one of Germany’s leading tax firms EbnerStolz. The main emphasis is focused on the international tax competition and transfer pricing within the interplay of digitization.

Interest and research priorities:


  • Intangibles in the digital economy
  • Accounting impacts of data based added value


  • Transfer pricing within the interplay of digitization
  • Profit shifting and base erosion
  • International tax competition

Corporate Governance and others:

  • Impacts of Digitization
  • Value chain analysis for data based business
  • Tax Compliance


  • Siegener Forum Rechnungslegung, Prüfungswesen und Steuerlehre e.V.



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