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StB Hon.-Prof. Dr. Gerrit Adrian

Bild Gerrit Adrian

StB Hon.-Prof. Dr. Gerrit Adrian


The Squaire
Am Flughafen
60549 Frankfurt am Main

Fon: 0271/740 3202

E-Mail: gadrian@kpmg.com


Personal Data

Gerrit Adrian

Prof. Dr. Gerrit Adrian is a Senior Tax Manager in the National Tax Department (Policy Department taxes) of the KPMG accounting firm in Frankfurt am Main. After completing his studies at the Johann Wolfgang Goethe-University Frankfurt am Main he obtained his doctorate at the Philipps-University of Marburg / Lahn. From year 2004 he served as a lecturer and from year 2013 he became a Professor at the University of Siegen. Prof. Dr. Gerrit Adrian focuses on the areas of accounting law and corporate tax law.

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