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Welcome to the Master in Accounting, Auditing & Taxation!


Here on our website, we provide you with all relevant information on this program. Please, feel free to find out more about the program and related persons. Should you miss anything, please contact us at wp-examen@uni-siegen.de

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The AAT program is designed to prepare its students for the professions of audit, tax or management consultants as well as for an academic career. Due to the flexible nature of its module structure, the AAT program provides the relevant national and international necessities of each discipline to enter the foresaid career options, while as well specialization as a more generalist shaping of the individual experience remains possible. Depending on individual career targets, the AAT program allows its participants to engage deeply with recent topics of theoretical and practical relevance within the fields of accounting, corporate governance, taxation, economics, law and general management, among others.

In addition, AAT students have the opportunity to absolve two of seven examinations of the German Chartered Public Accountant Examination (Wirtschaftsprüferexamen) as part of their regular curriculum (see §13b WPO). Through successful participation in additional entrance and oral examinations, and the attendance of a pre-defined set of compulsory courses, the examinations in Business Administration & Economics are accounted for as successfully absolved within the German Chartered Public Accountant Examination, if it is completed within eight years after graduation.

Click here to enrol in the entrance examination for the recognition of achievements in the AAT masters´s program as equivalent to examinations in the German Chartered Public Accountant Examination according to §13b WPO (German).

Please submit a signed copy of the registration form to wp-examen@uni-siegen.de no later than one day before the semester´s entrance examination. Information for preparation will be provided timely before a semester´s examination day.


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