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Procedure for the selection and recognition of courses abroad


Phase: Preparation

1-6 months before the studies abroad

Step 1:

Students select appropriate courses (e.g., from the website of the foreign university). „Appropriate“ are courses whose content and degree of difficulty broadly correspond to those of the respective course in our faculty.

Step 2:

Students work out a Learning Agreement on their own responsibility and proactively. If problems arise during the process, the programme officer / subject officer can be contacted. The professor responsible for the respective field of study is listed under Contact. The following documents should be forwarded to the professor responsible for the respective field of study:
1. Descirption of the courses you would like to attend at the university abroad.
2. Descirption of the courses of our faculty, whose content and level of difficulty, in your opinion, largely correspond to the courses you would like to attend at the foreign university.

Please make sure that the initial contact regarding the crediting of the Learning Agreements takes place early! 

Step 3:

The Learning Agreement will be signed by all responsible parties and is therefore binding. (The responsible professor is normally the coordinator of the faculty for the respective program.)

Phase: While studying abroad

1-2 semester

Step 4:

Students go abroad and study there. Any changes to the Learning Agreement have to be made in agreement between the student and the person responsible for the programme / subject officer as well as the host university.

Phase: Return and recognition

Step 5a: No changes

Students submit the transcript of records upon receipt to the Examination Office.

Step 5b: Changes

Students contact the responsible(s) in charge for the respective study area and ask for recognition.

Step 6:

Recognized courses will be credited by the Examination Office.


Further information:

Guideline Learning Agreement

Example Learning Agreement

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