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Editorial activities (Nils Goldschmidt)



Journal of Contextual Economics - Schmollers Jahrbuch


Economics is social science. This central idea guiding the Journal of Contextual Economics – Schmollers Jahrbuch since its founding in 1871 has lost none of its relevance. Ever more scholars have discovered that an »isolating« economics that removes economic processes from their social, historical, ethical, and ecological contexts in the interest of applying certain formal methods runs the danger of missing important aspects of economic reality. In philosophy, the humanities, and the social sciences, contextualism has grown in importance over the last several years, a core postulate of which is that a fuller understanding of human thought and action requires a grasp of the context in which they are embedded. In line with its original intention, the main objective of Journal of Contextual Economics – Schmollers Jahrbuch is to offer such newer research a forum in which economic life is set in relation to its social and physical environment, particularly where the interface between the economic system and the other systems is studied. Institutional approaches appear to be particularly relevant to this purpose, nevertheless quantitative and qualitative methods are equally welcome. We also wish to solicit contributions that devote themselves to questions of long-term human development and societal change, including those from the perspective of economic history and the history of economic thought. Considering social and normative questions is an important thematic focus in the long tradition of this journal.

ORDO Yearbook for the order of economy and society


ORDO is a refereed social science publication. The yearbook was founded in 1948 by Walter Eucken and Franz Böhm.


ORDO sees itself as a place for discussion of fundamental concepts of economics of order and institutional economics, social and regulatory policy and their application to concrete national and international problems of order. The yearbook is aimed at representatives of all social science disciplines. Thus ORDO is the only academic journal in the German-speaking world that explicitly examines the interplay of economic, legal, political and social order.


To date, ORDO has published articles by Nobel Prize winners James M. Buchanan, Milton Friedman, Friedrich A. von Hayek and George J. Stigler. Apart from regular contributions by the current editors of the Yearbook, many other renowned authors and former editors have published here, including Lord Peter Thomas Bauer, Franz Böhm, Walter Eucken, Gottfried Haberler, Erich Hoppmann, Otmar Issing, Paul Kirchhof, Israel M. Kirzner, Frank H. Knight, Irving Kristol, Ludwig M. Lachmann, Assar Lindbeck, Friedrich A. Lutz, Fritz W. Meyer, Alfred Müller-Armack, Sir Karl R. Popper, Wilhelm Röpke, Jacques Rueff, Carl Christian von Weizsäcker and Artur Woll.


In addition to the main articles, ORDO contains an extensive review section in which relevant new publications from Germany and abroad are presented and discussed.

Zeitschrift für Politik


The "Zeitschrift für Politik" sees its task in this,

  • to represent political science in all its breadth and diversity

  • to document their development in research and teaching

  • to serve as a forum for innovative scientific discussions


Publication series

Walter Eucken, Gesammelte Schriften (Mohr Siebeck, Co-publisher)


Published by Uwe Dathe, Lars P. Feld, Andreas Freytag, Nils Goldschmidt und Walter Oswalt


with the support of the Walter Eucken Archive, the Walter Eucken Institute, the Social Market Economy Action Group and the Thuringian University and State Library Jena


This edition brings together the most important writings and works of Walter Eucken (1891-1950). In addition to the monographs and essays, the letters, diaries and unpublished writings from the estate are edited for the first time.


Series "Marktwirtschaftliche Reformpolitik" (de Gruyter, Co-publisher)

marktwirtsch reformpolitik

Bd. 17: Kolev, Stefan: Neoliberale Staatsverständnisse im Vergleich (2017)

Bd. 16: Dörr, Julian: Die europäische Kohäsionspolitik (2016)

Bd. 15: Balling, Stephan: Sozialphilosophie und Geldpolitik (2016)

Bd. 14: Kolev, Stefan: Neoliberale Staatsverständnisse im Vergleich (2016)

Bd. 13: Warneke, Sara: Die europäische Wirtschaftsintegration aus der Perspektive Wilhelm Röpkes (2016)

Series "Kulturelle Ökonomik" (LIT-Verlag, Co-publisher and editor)

kulturelle oekonomik

Economic theory is in crisis.

Current social relevance is increasingly being denied. Thus, it is at a crossroads: Should its formalization and economic imperialism be further advanced or do historical and cultural dimensions have decisive importance for the methodological foundations of economic science as well as for economic practice? The series "Cultural Economics" aims to investigate these questions, critically examine orthodox approaches to solutions and present heterodox proposals. It ranges from historical-theoretical studies, economic policy and business management topics to cultural studies analyses, always in search of the social sciences as a science of reality - in analogy to Max Weber's objectives.

Die Einheit der Gesellschaftswissenschaften im 21. Jahrhundert (Mohr Siebeck, Co-publisher)

share economy

The social sciences today are disintegrating into a multitude of disciplines, from economics and social sciences, to history and cultural studies, to law. In view of the very high methodological level in the individual disciplines and the necessary specialization, cross-disciplinary research is becoming increasingly difficult and rare. The publication series "Die Einheit der Gesellschaftswissenschaft im 21. Jahrhundert" brings together contributions that work on this synthesis.


It publishes monographs and anthologies in which the methodological diversity of today's social sciences is used specifically for innovative insights or problem descriptions. The aim is not to search for a new debate on methodology, but to open up possibilities for insights from different disciplinary contexts through a multi-perspective approach. The series thus follows on from "Die Einheit der Gesellschaftswissenschaften", which was published between 1962 and 2013 and has had a very positive effect in this respect.

Staatslexikon der Görres-Gesellschaft (Herder, Redaktion Wirtschaft)


With some 2000 contributions, the 8th edition of the State Dictionary offers in-depth information and orientation on the central aspects of social coexistence, economic activity, political decision-making and state action. The work provides its readers with comprehensive information that goes far beyond purely lexical clarifications of terms. Carefully selected bibliographical references also allow the interested reader to delve further into the subject.

The 8th edition has been redesigned and adapted to the requirements of today's information society. It presents a wide range of academic disciplines: from law, economics, political science and sociology to history, philosophy and education, social ethics and theology, medicine, etc.

First published in 1889, the editors have succeeded in establishing the lexicon as a highly respected reference work in the German-speaking world. This is guaranteed by 18 specialist editors and the many hundreds of scientific authors.

Jahrbuch normative und institutionelle Grundfragen der Ökonomik (Metropolis Verlag, Editorial Advisory Board)

norm und inst grundfragen

The Jahrbuch Normative und institutionelle Grundfragen der Ökonomik is an interdisciplinary yearbook focusing primarily on the normative foundations of economics and its institutional prerequisites. Although its orientation is not particularly economic policy-oriented, the practical-political implications of a critical reflection of such fundamental questions are among the recurring substantive concerns, as are methodological clarifications.

Each issue is dedicated to a thematic focus selected by the editors in consideration of the recommendations of the Editorial Board and corresponds to the theme of the annual conference of the Evangelical Academy Tutzing in the series of the same name. A wide range and variety of approaches and approaches to the respective thematic focus are included in the programme. The Yearbook is addressed to scholars in economics and related disciplines as well as to those with a general interest in the topic. Suggestions from readers for thematic focuses and specific contributions are welcome.  

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