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Research School Business & Economics (RSBE)

The RSBE was a graduate school of the Faculty of Economic Disciplines.

The successor is the SME Graduate School - Sustainable Managing Entrepreneurs


RSBE is funded by the University of Siegen and organised by different chairs in the areas of Business Administration, Economics, Business Informatics and Business Law. The general topic for the RSBE is ‘Decentralised Organisation’. This is a topical area for inquiry not only in light of the current economic and financial crisis, in which recovery measures are aimed primarily at restrictions in decentralised activities by means of regulation and re-centralisation. It is also relevant because the internationalisation of decentralised systems in particular raises a host of research questions that have remained unresolved to date. These questions re-surface as a function of fundamental changes in the overall economic sphere – globalisation, mechanisation, economisation – in a similar form, yet with different answers in each case. To date, these questions have not been dealt with on a basic level. This makes ‘Decentralised Organisation’ a research field ideally and equally suited to inquiry into the elements of business administration, economics, business informatics and business law, and capable of integrating the contributions of each to solving the problems of decentralised organisation.

RSBE opening (2010); Photo: Irmine Skelnik