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Research Focuses


  1. General structures of civil law from a national and European perspective

    Special relationship, duties of protection, duties of loyalty, protection of legitimate expectation, frustration of contract, termination for cause, unethicality, compensation for disturbed contractual parity, infringement of contractual obligations, consumers, entrepreneurs and intermediate areas.

  2. Commercial Law/Company Law

    Among others, transformation of commercial law into company law, small traders, commercial register, representation under commercial law, freedom of contract between companies; concrete protection of legitimate expectation and abstract transport protection.

    Modernisation of IP law, partial reification

  3. Corporate Law

    Competition between company types, European company types, European group law

  4. Legal Methodology

    Among others, relationship between judge and legislator, options and limits of legal methodology, legal methodology in Europe, legal structures as a factor in choice of location, quality of law, conceptualisation in legal methodology, methodology of contract drafting and contract negotiation.

  5. Contract Negotiation

    Tactical, strategic and legal elements of negotiations


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