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Bastian Rausch

Bastian Rausch 

Bastian Rausch

E-Mail: bastian.rausch@uni-siegen.de


Personal Data

Bastian Rausch 

Tax accountant and Business Administration graduate has worked as a research assistant at the chair for Management, Accounting & Corporate Governance at the University of Siegen since 2011. After completing his degree in business administration at the University of Marburg he worked at various auditing and tax advisory companies in Frankfurt, Offenbach and Gießen. In addition, he operated in special divisions like restructuring consulting and insolvency administration. In the year 2010 he graduated as a tax counselor. Apart from his activities as a research assistant he is active in the practical tax and business consultancy.

Interest and research priorities


  • National and International Accounting
  • Financial Statement Analysis/Credit Ratings
  • Earnings Management


  • Auditing in General and Cases of Special Interests


  • Restructuring and Reorganization

  • Relationship between Accounting and Corporate Governance


  • Tax Accountant Association Hessen, Germany
  • IAAER-International Association for Accounting Education & Research
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