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Alexander Hasenau



Unteres Schloß 3
Room: US-A-108
57072 Siegen, Germany
T: +49 271 740-5573

E-mail: alexander.hasenau@uni-siegen.de



Alexander Hasenau

Alexander Hasenau completed an apprenticeship as tool engineering technician at Arvin Meritor A&ET GmbH followed by a Diploma as Industrial Engineering at the University of Siegen. His research focus was on Strategic Management in the field of Business Administration, while he was concentrating on Product Development in the area of Mechanical Engineering. During these studies, Mr. Hasenau conducted for one semester a production process optimization project in the United States of Amerika for Mubea, Inc..

After his studies, Alexander Hasenau was working since 2010 for five years as purchasing professional in international teams of the automotive industry in family-owned and stock listed companies, including one year in Russia for MAGNA Searing (Germany) GmbH. Afterwards until today he is leading global automotive projects as program manager.


Currently Mr. Hasenau is working in the family-owned company KOSTAL Kontakt Systeme GmbH and since 2020 as research assistant at the University of Siegen. His research interests focuses on Risk Governance in family-owned business.

Interest- and research priorities 

  • Comparison of Family and Non-Family Firms
  • Purchasing Sourcing Decision Process
  • Risk Management in Purchasing Departments

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