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Jonas Klamka



 Jonas Klamka


Jonas Klamka

Master of Science in Economics



Photovoltaic self-consumption after the support period: Will it pay off
in a cross-sector perspective?,
with A. Wolf and L.G. Ehrlich, 
in: Renewable Energy 147 (2020), 2374-2386. 
The potential of decentralized power-to-heat as a flexibility option for the 
German electricity system: microeconomic perspective,
with A. Wolf and L.G. Ehrlich, 
in: Energy Policy 87 (2015), 417-428.
On the impact of renewable energies on regional value added in 
developing countries,
with A.M. Röhlig, 
in: Fourth Annual Conference on Transforming Development Through
Inclusive Green Growth
6. - 7. September 2016, Jeju, Republic of Korea.



2017 -2020:

Teaching and Research Assistant at the Chair for European Economic Policy, University of Siegen

2014 - 2016:

Reseach assistant at Forschungskolleg Siegen (FoKoS) and Hamburg Institute of International Economics (HWWI) 

2010 - 2013:

Master of Science in Economics at the Westfälische Wilhelms University of Münster

2007 - 2010:

Bachelor of Science in Economics at the Westfälische Wilhelms University of Münster 


Research interests

Energy Policy, Electricity Markets, Renewable Energy



Energy Policy Journal

Energy for Sustainable Development



„Förderpreis für den wissenschaftlichen Nachwuchs 2019"

"Promotional award for young scientist 2019"

Verein zur Förderung der Fakultät Wirtschaftswissenschaften, Wirtschaftsinformatik und Wirtschaftsrecht der Universität Siegen e.V.