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Andreas Röhlig





Andreas Röhlig

Master of Science in Institutional Economics

Teaching and Research Assistant, University of Siegen

+49 271 740-4044
US-A 239
Office hours:
by appointment



The total economic value of estuaries. The case of the river Elbe, A. Roehlig, 
E. Yadegar, Conference on System States and Transitions of Tidal Estuaries,
4.-5. September 2014, Hamburg, Germany.
Green, greener grey. Disentangling different types of green growth, 
M.-C. Rische, A. Roehlig, J. Stoever, HWWI Research Paper (160),
December 2014, ISSN 1861-504X.
On the impact of renewable energies on regional value added in developing 
countries, J. Klamka and A. M. Röhlig, Fourth Annual Conference on Transforming
Development Through Inclusive Green Growth 6. - 7. September 2016, Jeju,
Republic of Korea.



2005-2009: Bachelor of Science in Economics at Humboldt-University, Berlin

2009-2011: Master of Science in Institutional Economics at Philipps University, Marburg


Research interests

Sustainable Development, Resource Economics, Political Economy