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External PhD students

Cemre Demir M.A.
External PhD student               



Ms. Demir's research focus is in the area of Entrepreneurial Diversity.
The aim of this sub-discipline is to bring together the heterogeneity of entrepreneurship in the area of individual characteristics. Entrepreneurship by families, women, people with a migration background, older people, people with disabilities or career changers: all these are major sub-themes in which many research-relevant findings have already been obtained. However, these sub-topics coexist separately from each other and are treated only marginally in separate "research ghettos" compared to the Silicon Valley model companies. Entrepreneurial Diversity starts at this point in order to adjust the focus again and to generate a general theory of everyday entrepreneurship.


Short CV:

January 2010 - June 2010: National Research University Higher School of Economics Moscow, Russia
Degree: Semester abroad with credit from the University of Cologne
October 2009 - March 2013: University of Cologne, Germany
Course of studies: Business Administration
Major: International Management
Degree: Bachelor of Science
February 2016 - June 2016: Bogazici University, Turkey
Degree: Semester abroad with credit from the University of St. Gallen
September 2014 - April 2017: University of St. Gallen, Switzerland
Course of studies: Accounting and Finance
Degree: Master of Arts





Julius Dücker Dipl. iur. oec.
External PhD student   




Mr. Dücker conducts research at the Research School Business & Economics with a focus on business succession, innovation and crisis and turnaround management in (family-owned) SMEs. 



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