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Complete Lists of Publications:

Jun.-Prof. Dr. Jascha-Alexander Koch

Mohammad Saiful Islam


Latest Publications of the Chair: 

Koch, Jascha-Alexander; Islam, Mohammad Saiful:
Impact of Higher Federal Funds Rates on Bank Risk during Higher Inflation in the U.S.
Forthcoming in: Finance Research Letters, Vol. 60, Article 104866. Link to Publication. 

Heitmann D., Chowdhury M.A.F., Islam M.S.:
Heterogeneous Impact of Covid-19 on the US Banking Sector.
In: North American Journal of Economics and Finance, Vol. 68, Article 101990.  Link to Publication .

Islam, M. S., Hasan, M. F., Islam, M. Z.:
Bankruptcy Classification of Islamic Banks in Bangladesh: Application of Emerging Market Z-Score.
In: Bank Parikrama, Bangladesh Institute of  Bank Management (BIBM), Volume XLVIII, Nos. 1 & 2, March & June 2023.

Bender, Micha; Clapham, Benjamin; Gomber, Peter; Koch, Jascha-Alexander:
To Bundle or Not to Bundle? A Review of Soft Commissions and Research Unbundling
In: Financial Analysts Journal, Vol. 77, No. 3, pp. 69-92, 2021. Link to Publication.

Koch, Jascha-Alexander; Lausen, Jens; Kohlhase, Moritz:
Internalizing the Externalities of Overfunding - An Agent-Based Model Approach for Analyzing the Market Dynamics on Crowdfunding Platforms
In: Journal of Business Economics, Vol. 91, pp. 1387-1430, 2021. Link to Publication.

For further publications consider lists above.

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