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Bachelor and master theses

Supervision requests:

We are happy to supervise your thesis in our fields of expertise at the chair. We assume that you have passed one or more field courses at our chair and ideally completed them with a good or very good grade when you make a request. In the Bachelor program this is especially the course Digital Economics and in the Master these are the courses Markets and Strategies I and II.

According to the examination regulation $11(1) from 2019 the topic of the master thesis should address a question from the research modules of the degree program. Therefore, the question should be related to the field markets and strategies, and you should have completed the research module successfully. 

If you already have a topic for your thesis in mind, you should describe the topic (approximately one A4 page in length) and send it via E-Mail. You should clearly describe your own contribution and verify the feasibility. Abstract from a topic suggestion without these explanations. Further, you should ask yourself whether it is compatible with the areas of expertise of the people at the chair. In particular, topics in the field of industrial economics and the digital economy fall into this category. Other topics, for example with strategic and game-theoretical relation, are also conceivable.

It is advisable to be open to suggestions from our side as well. For a supervision request, please fill out the application form and send it by e-mail to team-hunold@vwl.uni-siegen.de. Please note that we may not be able to consider all supervision requests. An application is only reasonable if the description above applies to you.  

Please also see the following information for your thesis.


Helpful tips:

Scope and processing time

You can find all the necessary information in your examination regulations. You must register your thesis with the examination office in good time (approx. 2 to 3 weeks before the agreed start date).


Scientific work

Before starting your thesis, you should already have gained some experience in writing seminar papers. In addition, we recommend that you attend a course on "how to work scientifically". Upon request, you will receive further information from us.



As an alternative to the usual text processors, we can recommend the free software package LaTeX. An editor based on this is LyX. LyX is similar in structure to the program Word and thus makes it easy to get started. LyX is available free of charge.

Another popular LaTeX-based editor is TexStudio. You can download TexStudio for free.

For an easy start with TexStudio you can use the following templates (we suggest to save all files in the same folder):

Demo-PDF, Demo-Tex, Demo-Lyx, Demo-Bib, Demo-pic


Literature research

The University library offers you numerous electronic resources to facilitate your literature research. A database commonly used among researchers is Google Scholar.

Please remember to use your VPN client to benefit from full access to licensed databases and electronic journals with full texts of the University’s library.


Literature management

We highly recommend the use of a literature management system. For example, the University library offers all students a full version of the literature management system Citavi-Pro.

With Citavi, literature references can be quickly and easily copied from web pages and can be alphabetically sorted as a bibliography. By using Citavi you save yourself a lot of tedious work.

The library regularly offers courses on the use of Citavi. However, the program is largely self-explanatory.

Hinweise zum Einsatz der Google Suche