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Dear freshmen and fellow students, 

after our fellow students have already diligently declared to be a buddy, only the freshmen are missing out. With this homepage we are happy to give you all a platform to participate in the buddy program and either become a buddy or get support from them. Since we were not able to combine the new buddies and freshmen yet, all freshmen inquiries about studying or living in Siegen are welcome. To all the senior students out there: You are invited to become a buddy and help your new colleagues. If interested, please get in touch with: buddyprogramm@wiwi.uni-siegen.de

Kind regards,

Your buddy program team



The buddy program

As a freshman many difficulties can occur. While in school many organizational things like scheduling or exam registration have been administered by others, at the university you now have to manage those things yourself. On the one hand this means new freedom, on the other hand you need a high degree of independence and sense of responsibility for keeping up to these requirements. In addition, many freshmen are new in Siegen and therefore need to get to know their new living area as well as new people. The buddy program helps you to cope with all these things better.


The buddies

The buddies are students of higher semesters who are on hand with words and deeds. These students have already overcome all those difficulties and are therefore predestined to support you, as they have already gained a lot of study experiences, but also are experts for daily life in Siegen. Therefore they might be able to give you some advice on how to enjoy your time off.


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