MEPS: Elective Compulsory Modules

The following modules are availabe for selection as elective compulsory modules:

  • W1: Globalization and Governance (Courses: International Economic Policy; Financial Markets and Regulation; Ökonomik der Institutionen; Geschichte der Globalisierung)
  • W2: Social and Labor Market Policy (Labor Market Policy; Social Policy)
  • W3: Empirical Economics (Applied Microeconometrics; Applied Macroeconometrics)
  • W4: Growth and Development (Economic Growth; Development Economics)
  • W5: Wertschöpfungsmanagement/Value Chain Management  (Wertschöpfungsmanagement der Großserien- und Massenfertigung; Wertschöpfungsmanagement der Einzel- und Kleinserienfertigung) new
  • W6: Organizational Evolution and Turnaround (Organizational Developement and Turnaround-Management; Strategic and International Management) new

For module W5 there is one examination for the entire module in the winter term and one examination for the entire module in the summer term; for module W6 there are two examinations for the entire module in the summer term.

The modules "Risikomanagement", "Externe Rechnungslegung" and "Marketing Management" are no longer available for selection, but closure of the modules will be notified in writing. If any of those modules has been passed in part only, it can be either completed until the summer term 2014; otherwise the entire module will be canceled.