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University of Siegen
Unteres Schloss 3 (US-A 149)
D-57068 Siegen

T: +49 271 740 3040
F: +49 271 740 1 3040
E: paul.marx@uni-siegen.de
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Teaching (overview)

High-quality education is a top-priority issue. By providing knowledge and skills that are conceptually up to date, methodologically strong and practically relevant, we strive to secure competitive advantages of our students in their academic and business careers. In doing this, we put special emphasis on true understanding rather than learning by heart. Although sometimes it may seem demanding, eventually the gains overweigh the pains.

We also consider it important to create an open and friendly atmosphere in the learning process and maintain active dialogue with students in order to boost their interest in and involvement with the discipline, as well as motivate their active and autonomous learning. This applies equally to both teaching classes and supervising theses.

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