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University of Siegen
Unteres Schloss 3 (US-A 149)
D-57068 Siegen

T: +49 271 740 3040
F: +49 271 740 1 3040
E: paul.marx@uni-siegen.de
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Marketing Uni Siegen

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Our research addresses relevant issues in the field of marketing, where we strive to achieve results that are both meaningful for academia and ready for practical applications. Although our research aims to cover a broad range of topics, current areas of interest focus on a constructive combination of the following research fields:

  • Methods of preference measurement
  • E-commerce
  • New media, esp. video games
  • Big Data
  • Recommender Systems

In this context, current research projects are devoted to the topics of

  • recommender systems
  • optimal reaction of businesses to negative word-of-mouth on the internet
  • development of methods of preference measurement
  • software and app marketing

and the like.

The methodological focus lies on quantitative empirical methods. However, we also consider transfer of knowledge and methodological approaches between marketing and related disciplines, such as computer science, psychology, decision theory, as highly important.

We am open for any questions, suggestions, and cooperation requests.
Please feel free to contact us.