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Lecture Security in Online Social Networks

Thursday 10:30st H-C 8325

Dr. Lars Fischer, Prof. Dr. Dogan Kesdogan

Start: Thursday, April 12th

Lecture will be hold in German, slides in English


Please sign in to the mailinglist vl-osn-ss12.


  1. Einführung OSN: Graphmodell, REST, FoaF, Identity [pdf]
  2. Authentifikation [pdf]
  3. Authentication II, OpenID [pdf]
  4. Protocols, OAuth, OpenSocial [pdf]
  5. Access Control [pdf]
  6. Social Network Analysis [pdf]
  7. Social Network Analysis II [pdf]
  8. Privacy, Database Anonymity, Linkability, Pseudonyms [pdf]
  9. Location Privacy [pdf]
  10. Decentralisation, Peer-2-Peer [pdf]
  11. Censorship, Network Privacy, Mixes, Circumvention[pdf]
  12. Social Transport, Resumé [pdf]


During the practise you will be guided towards writing your own basic web-server, implementing a distributed social network. Alternatively you may choose to write a research paper and prepare a lecture on one of the given topics.

Practise-meeting is Mondays, 17:00 st

  1. The first assignment is to write a rdf:foaf profile for yourself. Kindly insert a relationship to the foaf of me. For an excellent example please refer to Henry Story. The complete assignment.
  2. Making friends is crucial in social life, as in this second assignment.