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Seminar zur IT-Sicherheit SS 2010


Vom Lehrbereich IT-Sicherheit werden in diesem Semester zu den folgenden Themengebieten angeboten:

  • Information leakage of privacy enhancing techniques in practice


Information leakage of privacy enhancing techniques in practice

Confidentiality and integrity are basic security requirements that are necessary for e.g. secure and privacy aware e-commerce in communication networks like the internet. As given in the real world scenario, privacy aware e-commerce should allow a user to e.g. buy digital goods in the internet without revealing his complete identity while still allowing the seller to check the integrity of partial personal properties of the buyer like the required minimal age to buy a good. Transaction of the same user at distinct time should not be linkable to each other, e.g. the user should not be reidentifiable even if he visits the same shop again.

Two main mechanisms for privacy in the internet are anonymous communication and anonymous credential systems. Anonymous communication systems provide confidentiality of user communication relationship on the network layer. Anonymous credentials systems operate on top of anonymous communication systems and provide confidentiality and integrity of user communication on the application layer. Combining these two privacy mechanisms theoretically provide privacy of interaction in the internet as required in the e-commerce scenario. However these mechanisms leak information in practice that can reveal the user identity and his actions. The goal of this seminar is therefore to survey strategies to quantify the leaked information.

This seminar topic should be analysed by two students. The first student will address the quantification the information leakage of anonymous communication systems. The second student will address the information leakage of anonymous credential systems. The issue is to analyse existing quantification approaches to make suggestion for a quantification that covers information from anonymity and anonymous credential systems.


Typ Tag Uhrzeit Bemerkung Zeitraum Raum
Seminar Mo 14-16 Uhr
  19.04.2010 bis 23.07.2010 H-C 8325
Themenvergabe   14:00 Uhr
H-C 8325
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Hinweise zur Anmeldung

Themenvergabe und Anmeldung zum Seminar IT-Sicherheit am Montag, den 19.04.2010 um 14:00 Uhr im Raum H-C 8325.

Hinweise zur Erstellung der Ausarbeitung

Wilhelmiina Hämäläinen. Scientific Writing for Computer Science Students.

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Simon Peyton Jones. How to Give a Great Research Talk.


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