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Future Workshop

Homepage of the Future Workshop


We connect students of the University Siegen and entrepreneurs so that they can learn from each other.

Linking theoretic models with real problem sets in the economy challenges many students. The target is to deepen the models and methods taught at the university and transform them into practical solutions. On the other hand, many companies and institutions are interested in a cooperation with universities. We connect these claims.

An optimal solution for this challenge provides the Future Workshop at the "Chair for Innovation and Competence Management" of Prof. Dr. Bergmann.

Within this practical seminar, complex and operational questions of our partners will be dealt and answered within small groups. The individual students are working on various subjects by themseves, but combining their work to a group work. Besides the written composition, the students will give a final presentation.

Methodolocially, the Future Workshop is built on an independently developed approach, that is based on insights of academic research and teaching of the chair, as well as practical consulting experiences.


Important Information:

Likewise in the preceding semesters, the Future Workshop provides in the Winter Semester 2020 / 2021 the option for students of the University of Siegen to practically practice the theoretical knowledge from their studies and meanwhile establish valuable contacts to companies in the region.

Further information concearning the seminar for Bachelor and Master students in the Winter Semester can be found via the following Link.



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