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 Prof. Dr. Gustav Bergmann

Prof. Dr. Gustav Bergmann  

Adress: University of Siegen
Fakultät 3 Wirtschaftswissenschaften,
Wirtschaftsinformatik und Wirtschaftsrecht

Hölderlinstr. 3
57076 Siegen

Room: H-C 7315

Phone: +49 (0) 271 - 740 2757

E-Mail: Prof. Dr. Gustav Bergmann


  • Dr. Gustav Bergmann is professor at the University of Siegen/Germany and holds the Chair of Business Administration, specialising in Innovation and Competence Management.
  • He received his diploma and his Ph.D. in Business Administration from the University of Munster/Germany in 1984 and 1988 respectively.
  • Before starting as a university professor in Düsseldorf in 1992, he was managing director of a medium-sized enterprise.
  • In 1996 he was appointed a full professor at Siegen University.
  • Between 1998 and 2003 he was a member of an international programme for Systemic and Gestalt Management, and received a diploma from the Gestalt Institute in Cleveland.
  • Dr. Bergmann’s current research focuses on Systemic Theory, Innovation Management, Sustainability and Competence Development.
  • He focuses on qualitative research such as Action Research (Lewin) and Thick Descriptions (Geertz) especially in small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).
  • As a systemic consultant, he advises and supports SMEs and institutions on becoming sustainable systems.
  • As an artist and painter, he is interested in the interdependency between the arts and management.
  • He is the author of 6 titles, including “Kunst des Gelingens” (Art of Succeeding), 2nd ed. 2001, “Systemisches Innovations- und Kompetenzmanagement” (Systemic Innovation and Competence Management), 2nd ed. 2008, and “Best Patterns Management”, 2001.
  • Currently he is working on a new book entitled “The Human Measure” about a sustainable futurability of lifestyle and economy.
  • Gustav Bergmann lives in Cologne with his family.


List of publications (October 2010)

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