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 Working Papers

  • D. E. Hollermann, M. Goerigk, D. F. Hoffrogge, M. Hennen, A. Bardow. Flexible here-and-now decisions for two-stage multi-objective optimization: Method and application to energy system design selection [preprint]
  • M. Goerigk, A. Kasperski, P. Zielinski. Robust two-stage combinatorial optimization problems under convex uncertainty. [preprint]
  • F. Garuba, M. Goerigk, P. Jacko. A Comparison of Models for Uncertain Network Design. [preprint]
  • A. Chassein, M. Goerigk, A. Kasperski, P. Zielinski. Approximating multiobjective combinatorial optimization problems with the OWA criterion. [preprint]
  • T. Dokka, M. Goerigk. The Multi-level Bottleneck Assignment Problem: Complexity and Solution Methods. [preprint]
  • A. Chassein, M. Goerigk. The Complexity of 2-Adaptability in Robust Optimization.
  • M. Hughes, M. Goerigk, T. Dokka. Particle Swarm Metaheuristics for Robust Optimisation with Implementation Uncertainty.
  • S. Boge, M. Goerigk, S. Knust. Robust optimization for premarshalling with uncertain priority classes.
  • M. Goerigk, J.Kurtz, M. Poss. Min-Max-Min Robustness for Combinatorial Problems with Discrete Budgeted Uncertainty. [preprint]


  • M. Bold, B. Boyaci, M. Goerigk, C. Kirkbride. The generalised resource-constrained project scheduling problem with flexible resource profiles. To appear in Proceedings of PMS2020.
  • M. Goerigk, S. J. Maher. Generating Hard Instances for Robust Combinatorial Optimization. European Journal of Operational Research Volume 280, Issue 1, 1 January 2020, Pages 34-45 [paper][preprint]
  • M. Goerigk, A. Kasperski, P. Zielinski. Two-stage Combinatorial Optimization Problems under Risk. Theoretical Computer Science Volume 804, 12 January, Pages 29-45 [paper] [preprint]


  • M.Goerigk, A. Kasperski, P. Zielinski. Solving robust two-stage combinatorial optimization problems under convex uncertainty. To appear in OR2019 Proceedings.
  • M. Goerigk, M. Hughes. Representative scenario construction and preprocessing for robust combinatorial optimization problems. Optimization Letters. Volume 13, Issue 6, September 2019, Pages 1417 - 1431  . [paper]
  • F. Garuba, M. Goerigk, P. Jacko. Robust Network Capacity Expansion with Non-linear Costs. In Proceedings of ATMOS19, 5:1-5:13. [paper]
  • T. Dokka, M. Goerigk, R. Roy. Mixed Uncertainty Sets for Robust Combinatorial Optimization. To appear in Optimization Letters [paper] [preprint]
  •  A. Chassein, M. Goerigk, J. Kurtz, M. Poss. Faster Algorithms for Min-max-min Robustness for Combinatorial Problems with Budgeted Uncertainty. European Journal of Operational Research. Volume 279, Issue 2, 1 December 2019, Pages 308-319 [paper][preprint]
  • A. Chassein, T. Dokka, M. Goerigk. Algorithms and uncertainty sets for data-driven robust shortest path problems. European Journal of Operational Research. Volume 274, Issue 2, 16 April 2019, Pages 671-686. [paper] [preprint]
  • M. Hughes, M. Goerigk, M. Wright. A Largest Empty hypersphere metaheuristic for robust optimisation with implementation uncertainty. Computers & Operations Research. Volume 103, March 2019. Pages 64-80. [paper] [preprint]
  • A. Chassein, M. Goerigk. On the complexity of robust geometric programming with polyhedral uncertainty. Operations Research Letters. Volume 47, Issue 1, January 2019, Pages 21-24. [paper]


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  • B. Rostami, A. Chassein, M. Hopf, D. Frey, C. Buchheim, F. Malucelli, M. Goerigk. The Quadratic Shortest Path Problem: Complexity Approximability, and Solution Methods. European Journal of Operational Research.  Volume 268, Issue 2, 16 July 2018, Pages 473-485. [paper]
  • A. Chassein, M. Goerigk, A. Kasperski, P. Zielinski.  On Recoverable and Two-stage Robust Selection Problems with Budgeted Uncertainty. European Journal of Operational Research. Volume 265, Issue 2, 1 March 2018, Pages 423-436. [paper] [preprint]
  • M. Goerigk, H. W. Hamacher, A. Kinscherff. Ranking Robustness and its Application to Evacuation Planning. European Journal of Operational Research. Volume 264. Issue 3, 1 February 2018, Pages 837-846. [paper]
  • A. Chassein, M. Goerigk. Variable-Sized Uncertainty and Inverse Problems in Robust Optimization. European Journal of Operational Research. Volume 264, Issue 1, 1 January 2018, Pages 17-28. [paper] [preprint]
  • M. Goerigk, S. Schmitt, H. W. Hamacher. Decision Support Systems for Urban Evacuation Logistics in Practice. In M. Moshtari (eds), Handbook of Humanitarian Logistics and Supply Chain Management, Palgrave Macmillan. [paper]


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