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Meike Stephan M. Sc.

Research associate and PhD Student

Temporarily only available by e-mail: 


Telephone: +49 (0) 271/ 740 - 5001
Room: US - A 146
Office hours:

monday from 11:00-12:00



Meike Stephan's research focuses on the relevance of (social) contextual factors in entrepreneurship as well as the effects of self-employment on the wellbeing of entrepreneurs.  


Supervised courses

In WiSe 2022/23:

Gründungsmanagement (practice)


Short CV:

August 2003 - July 2006: Apprenticeship as industrial clerk
October 2008 - March 2013: Bachelor studies in business administration
February 2011 - September 2015:
Research assistant at the Chair of Business Succession/Entrepreneurship and Family Business
August 2012 - March 2013: Student assistant of the external presentation of the Faculty III, University of Siegen
April 2013 - September 2015: Master studies in Management und Markets University of Siegen
since October 2015: Research associate at the Chair of SME Management & Entrepreneurship at the University of Siegen.



  1. El Shoubaki, A.; Stephan, M. (2018): The Life Partner and the Life Satisfaction of the Entrepreneur. In: Central European Business Review, 7(3), S. 26-41.
  2. Demir, C., Stephan, M., Werner, A. (2021): How Do Life Partners and Their Occupational Choice Affect the Path of Transition to Entrepreneurship? A Comparison Between Direct and Indirect Entry into Entrepreneurship. In: Journal of Contextual Economics – Schmollers Jahrbuch, 141(1-2): pp. 47–84.
  3. Stephan, M.; Demir, C.; Lasch, F.; Vossen, A.; Werner, A. (2023): Psychological well-being of hybrid entrepreneurs: A replication and extension study using German panel data. Journal of Business Venturing Insights, 20.


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