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Christian Schröder, M.Sc.

Research associate and PhD Student

Temporarily only available by e-mail: 


Telephone: +49271 7402407
Room: US - G 312
Office hours:

By appointment



The research focus of Mr. Schröder lays in the area of knowledge and innovation transfer through academic spin-offs (Academic Entrepreneurship). In his current research project, Mr. Schröder is examining the impact of university cooperation on the digitalization competences of SMEs. His research is particulary focusing on behavioural science constructs. 

Further, Mr. Schröder examines individual transfer activities of scientists in the fields of biotechnology and health sciences. Drivers, barriers and success factors of transfer behavior and their effects on different levels are the main focus of his research. 


Supervised Course: 

in WiSe 2022/23:

Project Seminar (Emerging trends in entrepreneurial research) 


Short CV:

 October 2015 - March 2019: Bachelor studies in Business Administration
at the University of Siegen, 
Specializations: SME Management & Marketing
 April 2019 - September 2021: Master studies in Entrepreneurship and SME Management 
at the University of Siegen.
 September 2020 - June 2021  Study abroad at Latvijas Universitate, specialization: International Busines 
 April 2019 - October 2021: Research assistant at the Chair of
SME Management & Entrepreneurship at the University of Siegen.
 since November 2021 Research associate at the Chair of 
SME Management & Entrepreneurship at the University of Siegen.  


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