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History of the School of Economic Disciplines at the University of Siegen

The School of Economic Disciplines has its roots in the Höhere Wirtschaftsfachschule (HWF) Siegen (founded in 1962). This, together with four other colleges, was amalgamated to become the Fachhochschule Siegen-Gummersbach in 1971. On 1 August 1972 this institution, together with the Department Siegerland of the Pädagogische Hochschule Westfalen-Lippe (teacher training college, since 1965, with the right to award PhD's and post-doctoral lecturing qualifications), became the Gesamthochschule Siegen.
As of 1 January 1980 (coming into effect of the WissHG) this university was given the name Universität-Gesamthochschule Siegen.

The purpose of a Gesamthochschule is to integrate the requirements in research, teaching and studies at a university with those at a technical college. The aim of its teaching is to create new educational opportunities, which also take into account practical requirements. This is achieved by its entry requirements, interchangeability of courses of study and - as far as possible - contents and organisation of differentiated, interrelated courses of study.

Since the foundation of the Gesamthochschule the School of Economic Disciplines has offered courses of study in economics and business administration as ordinary courses of study as well as business administration as a short study course. Information systems for business has been offered as a short course and an ordinary course since the winter semester 1998/1999 and German and European economic law as an ordinary course since the winter semester 1999/2000.